There was a time when I used to think,

Who would cry and who’d blink?

Who would pause and who would mourn?

When the time comes and I’d be gone.


Will they bang their fists on wall?

Will they miss my late night calls?

Will they feel emptiness in their hall?

When the time comes and I’d be gone..


Will they remember my funny jokes?

Behind them hiding my shattered soul.

But what about the things I could not hide?

The reasons behind my suicide.


There’ll be no sorrow, there’ll be no pain.

No crying, the throe shall not be mine.

No expectation of her to love me back.

No words of discouragement getting on my spine.


But then it stops me on my path,

The thought of missing what I could achieve.

What would happen to my beliefs..

What would happen to my legacy?


But then it stops me on my path.

Because why should I think of them?

They may not miss what they have lost,

But the world will lose a gem.


Thinking about why I started,

I’m back at it again.

For I have nothing to lose right now,

And the whole world to gain.

Imagination of love

You’re right in front of me,
But you can’t see me.

I can touch, but you can’t feel me.
They keep telling me that it’ll get easy,

But the thoughts of loosing you,
They keep me freezing.

I’d tell you who I am, but it won’t amaze you.

For I’ve lost myself I search for him in you.

Life is a bit long if you look at the menu,
It’ll throw me up and down until I pretermit you.

It’s your face that gives me strength,
To pull through such feelings.
That gives me a reason to be,
That gives me a meaning.

If God ever forgives me,
I’ll meet you in those fields,
With the sky and the grass,
Where not a single soul lives.

Who knows..

Who knows what happens, behind the closed doors.
Millions of souls lying helplessly, on the naked floors.
Who knows what happens, in the lonely hearts.
Dying to see them, who never played their part.


Who knows why, this bruised mind cries.
Like it’s grounded for life, and it wants to fly.
Like a thought that is lost, in the depths of the sea.
Where it takes birth, gets rusted and dies.


Who knows the signs of an abstract mind,
That follows no lines, that is one of a kind.
Who knows the spark, that ignites within,
The right path, it helps you find.

The true meaning of life.

There are many things that have been on my mind of lately. And I don’t want to
remember all of them. But there are some things that I want to point out because
these are the incidents that have played a major role in my life and have made me
who I am today.

But first of all, I’d like to go back to the time when I was all confused about myself
and not even a single ray of hope was visible to me. I’d like to tell this to all those
people who are going through the same condition that even if it’s not visible to
you, the ray of hope is still there. And it’s trying to tell you that IT IS NOT THE END
OF THE WORLD and you can start again anytime you want and as many times as
you want. A perfect life is nothing but an illusion that we have created in our
minds and it is this illusion that leads to many disasters. We keep on chasing
something that exists only in our imagination. The definition of perfect keeps
changing with time. No matter how much we achieve, there will always be want
for more. You’ll be surprised if you notice that what used to be your dream a few
years ago is just another thing in your life you don’t even pay attention to. And if
you look deep into this, you will see that our possessions are not the things that
give meaning to life. They are but a distraction from our real potentials. The real
treasure lies inside the mind. The will to become better, to do better, to make
other people understand the true meaning of life and help them escape the
desires that subliminally drive them away from the world.

Life was created on earth after very fine tuning of certain elements and placing
them at the right place. Let’s not waste this thinking about temporary desires.

Growth is what gives meaning to life. And it’s my goal to leave behind my desires
and to be able to see what is hidden behind the veil of stars.

Save Your Soul

Save this time for it won’t come back,

And save your friends no matter what they lack.

Save the courage you’d shown when the winds were blowing wrong,

And find your heart get it back on track.


Save all those teenage dreams,

The moments of failure and the silent screams.

Save your soul for it is lost,

In shadow lands looking for light of beams.



Save the time when you had a choice,

And you chose the love in her eyes.

The endless walks on a broken path,

And the promise of faith that was full of lies.

Save the touch of her sacred skin,

When you had no wish to lose or win.

And the unfathomable love in her eyes,

That made you forget your every sin.



Save the time when you’re hurt so good,

When you wanna cry but your tears won’t come out.

When would rewind those conversations in your mind,

And say everything that you could.



And in the end save the time,

When they take your heart and you die inside.

But yet you’re still alive,

Which means you will survive.


Someday you’ll leave it all behind,

The yeses and nos of every kind.

The unhealed memories haunting your heart,

The untold grudges sucking your mind.

Someday, you’ll become what you used to be,

A little patience is the key.

To open those heavy rusty locks,

And once again set your thoughts free.

Someday, you will not be weak,

And you’ll get the things you seek.

Those missing dreams of a messed up life,

When your fires were low and the prospects were bleak.

On that day, I’ll bring you home,

And usher you in my heart.

For you’re the one who called me God,

You’ll come to me when you depart.


While I’m trying to stand tall,

Hoping to find my dwindling courage.

Lost in the search of what I have lost,

And put myself on the right passage.

But I remember when my pain was maximized,

Hit my bottom so hard I bounced twice.

When I was alone walking the lonely road,

And there was no one left to criticize.

And then you take a new step,

You stumble and get lampooned by them.

Even though your roots are strong,

Those axe hits still hurt your stem.

But the deed is done and it can’t be unscrewed,

No matter how you try you can’t pull through.

For the secret to triumph ain’t hidden in a scroll,

And there’s no one who can save you from this fall.

Beautiful thought.

Don’t worry my friend

It will be over soon.

Bright will be your fallen star.

And gleaming will be the moon.

Don’t fear the monsters

Hiding under thy bed.

For they have concealed for a reason

They’ll never pull your leg.

Think of the time my love

When your confidence soared.

The one we’ll never walk again

Think of that beautiful road.

‘Cause just a beautiful thought

Can fade away thy pain.

Broken Headphones

Dark wings and dark shadows,

Flying over plateaus & Meadows.

Everywhere they go they bring with them,

The events of demise, the wail of widows.


That’s what I see when I listen to the song,

Through my broken headphones.

The song that  tears my world apart,

Yet does nothing to my heart and bones.


The song that is played a thousand times,

Every time I look into a stranger’s eyes.

They resemble the many eyes I’ve betrayed in my days,

And asked for forgiveness in tenebris nights.



 Down the line and up again,

 Feeding itself on the membrane.

 Killing all the children who cry at night,

 And filling his terror in what remains. 


That’s what I see when I listen to the song,

Through my broken headphones.

The song that sets my heart at pace,

In getting weak but I feel strong.


The song that is played at various places,

And fills its pain in empty spaces.

Killing the silence when it’s turned on,

With different effects in different cases.



Pour some drops and a lot more,

Only stop when you see a lake. 

And if  you don’t get satisfied,

Only you know what else you can make.


That’s what I see when I listen to the song,

Through my broken headphones.

The song that keeps my mind at peace,

And tells me who is right and wrong.


The song that is played when I’m going down,

And shows me the path to what I seek.

The song that has saved me a hundred times,

And is echoing in my mind as I am getting weak.

The End Of The World

Who do you turn to, when the tides get high.

When the waves reach an altitude, that touches the sky?

When the very own land starts to disappear,

When the wings have nowhere left to fly.

I’ll turn to the one who made it all,

I’ll ask for mercy to no one but God.

What would he gain by killing something so little, so small,

I’ll ask him to calm his angry sword.

Turn to God? Who do you think started it at the first place,

Who melted it all and destroyed the surface.

You’ve been testing his patience for so long!

May be his kindness has started to turn face.

I’ll turn to you, oh you wise devil.

The world hates you, but I know you’re not evil.

You have a pretty face, behind the scars.

I will give you a chance to give it up and turn civil.

But what would you gain by this action?

I live in hell, you won’t be able to bear a fraction.

You’ll become worse than what you are,

You go back to your plan and make some correction.

Yes you live in hell, but at least you know it is bad.

We’re suffering in illusions of heaven which makes me sad.

Whatever we become at least we’ll see the truth,

Then maybe we’ll know what is good what is bad.

Where I live you won’t learn anything new.

You’ll fall into stagnation just as we do.

For ages we’ve tried to make it better,

What’s the worth of life when you can’t be you.

Then what will we do I don’t see any way ahead.

I’ve tried running I’ve also prayed.

Maybe it’s time I melt into God’s will,

And become something new with an upgrade.

And so you’ll do what is right,

You’ll turn into something pure and sanctified.

And who knows at the end of the world,

You’ll find me on the same side.